In our last blog, we talked about how SignNers utilizes technology to make your the highest quality product possible. Our vinyl wraps for vehicles are the best around We can turn your work van or entire fleet into rolling billboards. The bright colors and sharp images can get your message across like nothing else. But what about when your customer wants more information than a well-designed and concise sign offers? Technology offers the answer!

  • Why not put a QR Code on your sign?
  • A what?
  • A QR code! A  Quick Response code is that black and white digital code that you see popping up more and more in advertising.
  • A QR code is scanned by a smart phone and will take the user to your website.
  • You can offer special promos to special landing page on your site.
  • Using the information about QR  users gathered by the clicks, you can see who is interested in what promotions and use this to increase business.
  • You can have customers play games and win prizes.
  • The winners have to visit your business to redeem the prize and so, you get a potential customer.
  • A great example of this is a French farmer who painted QR codes on the side of his cows. People flocked to take part in this novel use of QR codes and to win prizes from his daily farm.
  • People then visited the dairy farm shop to get their prize and would buy cheese too!

Let’s work together to get technology working for you in your signage. We do all sorts of signs.