Vinyl Vehicle Wraps are the Best Choice For Your Vehicle


Here at SignNers, we are often asked if vinyl vehicle wraps are really the best choice when it comes to mobile advertising. People wonder why they should choose our wraps instead of just painting the designs and slogans on a vehicle that they want. While repainting a vehicle to better represent a business is always an option, we strongly believe that vinyl vehicle wraps are a better option. Vehicle wraps, though impermanent, offer many more benefits than painting. Continue reading below to learn what these benefits are.


Vehicle Wraps Make MobileAdvertising Easy


Advertising is an important component of every business’s overall marketing strategy. Advertising lets potential customers know what your business is about and, if executed effectively, can even make them chose your business over other competing businesses. Below, we have listed a few reasons you should choose vehicle wraps over a custom paint job.



  • Resale Value: When it comes to purchasing vehicles for your business, you probably have an expiration date in your head. Most business owners realize that vehicles are notone-timeime investment and, as a result, must consider the resale value of their business’ vehicles.  Vinyl vehicle wraps allow businesses to maintain the factory paint job of their vehicles. This is valuable during the resale process, because it means that potential buyers will not have to paint over a custom paint job that you had applied to the vehicle. The vinyl wrap can simply be peeled off, resetting the vehicle to its default color.
  • Variety: Paint jobs, more or less, are permanent. Vinyl vehicle wraps, on the other hand, allow individuals to quickly and easily change the appearance of a vehicle. If a vehicle wrap that has been on the car for a year suddenly does not fit with the advertising strategy of the business, the owner can quickly swap it out for one that does. Additionally, vehicle wraps offer a wide range of colors and designs that would require extensive detail if they were painted on.
  • Protection: As anyone who owns a vehicle already knows, paint does little to nothing in regard to protecting said vehicle. With a vinyl wrap, every inch of your vehicle is covered with a protective layer of vinyl, protecting the factory paint of the vehicle from weather and sun exposure. While we aren’t saying that a vinyl vehicle wrap will protect your vehicle from all damage, it will do a great job in protecting against dings, scrapes, and road debris.

If you are interested in learning more about vinyl vehicle wraps, visit our website today. At SignNers, we make it our mission to provide Miami area businesses with the highest quality vinyl wraps available, and we will work with any business to design a vehicle wrap that fits their exact needs. If your business has vehicles, why not use them as a way to advertise? Contact us today and let’s get started transforming your fleet into an effective mobile advertising campaign.