Vinyl Vehicle wraps are a great way to get your message to your public. But even the best business can be misrepresented by bad advertising. There are some basic advertising concepts that should be sued when designing an advertisement and vinyl vehicle wraps are no different.

  • Legibility You may think this is a no-brainer but a lot goes into whether a sign is legible or not. Colors of background and font, placement of the text play parts in legibility. Equally important at the actual font you choose. You want the font to be crisp and clear and well spaced out. You may have to manually adjust spacing between letting when designing a sign if two letters are too close together. You need to decide on a font and not all fonts are equal. You do not want, for example, to use comic sans for anything but say, a comic book store, and certainly not for anything with any level of seriousness to it. Don’t use white font on black background as it is hard on the eyes and when people see your vehicle they don’t’ want to trying to focus on a moving target that is hard to read! Another consideration is if you want to use a serif or a sans serif font. Serifs are the little decorative tails that certain fonts have. They are best used for things that people read at their leisure or in the name of the company only and the only if it is very legible and that font ‘matches’ your target demographic.