Use human nature yo your advantage with vinyl vehicle wraps!

  • Value for Dollar typically advertising is analyzed through looking at the cost per one thousand exposures. Logic tells us that it is far easier to get 1000 exposures of a car or truck driving through congested parts of town (where a billboard would be very expensive) takes your message to the people. You could get thousands of exposures in under an hour if you are just driving around. Seen this way you are getting double your money when you send a vehicle out for a call, delivery or errand.
  • Redundancy Works. People respond to advertising more effectively when the same information is repeated in different ways on the sign. With a whole side of a car, or van you have plenty of space to repeat yourself and get your message sounding loud and clear in the brains of your potential customers.
  • Everyone reads signs. People may scan a newspaper, switch the television or radio channel with commercials come on, but people seem to ‘need’ to read signs. Use this human foible to your benefit and get the sign in front of them, beside them and somewhere they pass every day.
  • Changing Context. When people pass a billboard every day, every week, every month they tend to stop the habit of reading it since they know what it says but if your signage is a new sign to them, because it is in front of them in traffic while they wait for a red light, it will be new, fresh and they will read it. Use human nature to your advantage and get your message out via vinyl vehicle wraps!