SignNers are experts are vinyl sign printing. We’ve seen them used in all sorts of creative ways and we’d like to share some of those ideas with you.

Floor Graphics can be used inside of you store to do all sorts of things.

Boost Culture

If your goal is to emphasize the culture of your company for either your employees or your customers, fun and entertaining floor graphics can be used. We’ve all see photos of optical illusion chalk drawing on sidewalks that make it look like space extends deep into space; now imagine that image on your floor. It could be fun to see how many people walk around what appears to be a gaping hole and who has the courage to walk across it. Any optical illusion will get you attention, in the store for sure, but if you get it onto social media you might just go viral!

Direct Traffic

One very down-to-earth way to use floor graphics is to direct traffic in the store. If you have a high priority promotion going on, getting people to that part of the store can be a big part of increasing sales. You can use something as simple as footsteps leading to the desired part of the store. You can, of course, be creative with what type of footsteps and you can make them part of the theme of advertising. You could use velociraptor, an elephant, Sasquatch or whatever fun idea matches your goods or services.

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