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Signs are all about communication. When you are running a business, you have to communicate certain things to your customers or clients . You have to let them know what you are offering and something about how your company is the one to choose.


Communicate Efficiently

  • There are several ways to communicate with greater and lesser degrees of efficiency.
  • One of the least efficient is tomes of literature. In our digital age, people usually make up their mind about something in a matter of seconds.
  • They quickly analyze the message and either move on or move closer.


Design Rules

  • The most efficient way to communicate to potential clients is through visual images.
  • There are prescribed rules that graphic designers use to keep people’s minds focusing on the message and that keep their eyes within the frame.
  • If you can keep people’s minds on the image, you can communicate your message.



  • Signs are of course about communication, but how you communicate is as important as what you are saying.
  • The colors you use are as important as the words. Can you imagine a certain restaurant’s golden arches being, say, green?
  • The placement is important too, whether you are indicating your entrance or what products are on clearance. Confusion turns people away and your bottom line will suffer.


There are some good practices to follow when using signage in your store, and we’ll discuss those in our next blog. Be sure to check back for helpful hints! In the meantime, call SignNers for all your signage needs.