Vinyl car wraps are the smart option for outdoor advertising. In Broward county, the average commute to work is 26.8 minutes. In Miami-Dade county that goes up to 29.5. Now, multiply that by 2 to get the daily rate and then multiply by five for an average work week and you get 268 and 295 respectively. That is just on the way to work and not counting to and from school, the grocery store, and out of the house for recreation. All that time is your time to get them engaged with your advertising with creative outdoor advertising. One of the best way to reach a large number of people is through advertising on your commercial fleet vehicles. This gives people a chance to learn about your company. Are you a serious, trustworthy business or a creative fun business? Of course, it depends on what you do but your advertising wraps and vinyl gives you a powerful chance to convey to the public your ethos, your mission, and your personality. This method has advantages over other types of outdoor advertising: a bus stop sign, for example, sits there and is seen- if no one is sitting on it- but it is stationary. By putting your advertising on your vehicle you are a roaming billboard, visible to many more people than a stationary sign, and you are likely going where your business is located. If you are a landscaping company, a sign on the side of your truck parked in a suburban neighborhood is effective advertising because the neighbors will see it and infer a recommendation by the use of one of their neighbors using your service.