SOCIAL_AND_IN_STORE_MARKETINGWhen discussing in-store marketing, the top priority is meeting your customers where they are, and if your customers are under the age of 80, chances are, they have a smart phone and some level of digital presence. It would be neglectful marketing to not tap into this reality.

Leverage Social Media

Millennials use social media to tell their peers where they are, what they are doing, and with whom they are doing it. Make sure you offer wifi at your store so they can “check in” on their Facebook profiles. Instagram and Pinterest can also be leveraged to create a catchy and appropriate hashtag for people to use that will promote your goods and/ or services. Offer special social media based discounts, for example, if they mention an ad they saw on social media, they get 10 percent off an item.

In-Store Tie-In’s

Use your in-store imagery to boost your brand. Use a wall wrap to emphasize your colors, your logo, and your overall message. This will imprint your brand in their minds, and when you post something from the store in a sharable post, be sure to incorporate the colors and logo. Imagine, for instance, a gardening store whose wall wrap features the logo of a stylized daisy. Every shared post or coupon can feature that logo, and it can speak volumes with no words at all. SignNers can make everything from wall wraps to outdoor signage, to decals, and, of course, vinyl wraps for the business vehicles that will have a consistent message.

Call SignNers and start your next marketing campaign by integrating your in-store marketing into your digital presence.