In this digital age, it is tempting to think that all of your marketing can be online. It’s true that digital marketing is important, and it is, without a doubt, the way of the future. You should definitely have online ads and a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest if your field calls for those, but if you have a brick and mortar store, you still need to have one of the most powerful tools in marketing: a captive audience!  While your customers are in your store, you have a unique opportunity to communicate with them on several levels, and that’s where SingNers comes in. We can produce effective instore signage for purposes you may not have thought of.

This blog series will cover some of the creative and effective marketing campaigns you can run right in your store.

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Window Graphics

Of course, you can’t communicate with in-store marketing with things, like wall wraps, if people are not actually in the store, so the first thing is to get them in the store. Window graphics that let people know what you do, that they are in the right place, and where to enter are essential to getting the right people into the store. The right people are ones there to buy your products and/or services. If you get the wrong people in, you have a greater chance of wasting employee time dealing with them. Of course, they’ll know you are there for the next time they need what you sell, but still, you want people who are going to spend money on your goods and services. Window graphics can also make great brand extenders. Make sure you have the same logo on your window as on all other marketing materials.

In our next blog, we are going to discuss several ways to conduct an in-store marketing campaign to create loyal, repeat customers.