SignNers can produce advertising materials to meet all your needs, from magnetic car signs and full vehicle wraps to vinyl window graphics and cloth banners. We understand the role that images play in our culture and can use that knowledge to help you and your company succeed. Before the age of widespread literacy, images were used to transmit ideas and identities, think heraldry and family crests on shields or basic religious imagery. We are returning somewhat to that type of communication in our information age. Think of brand logos or international signage that convey swaths of meaning with just a few lines of graphic design. They say a picture is worth a thousand words well there is a reason this is as true today, even (or especially) in the internet age. One study showed that people remember only 10-20% of what they read but at least 65% of what they see (studies differ on this number but 65% is the lowest number). The human brain can register 36,000 visual messages an hour and 90% of of the information transmitted to the brain. Using graphic design images on your vehicle is one way your business can tap into this emerging age of the icon. Today we use the word ‘branding’ to explain using one image to represent your company or product. When you use a magnetic sign on your car or a full car vehicle wrap for a fleet of vehicles you are using one of the most effective ways to communicate. The trick is making it simple enough that people get it and unique enough that it is instantly recognizable at the same time. The best way to get a great icon is to hire a talented graphic designer to create an image for you and stick with it. It is a bad idea to switch imaged to often. People will get confused and disassociate the image with your brand. Call our office to discuss your advertising dreams.