Signage Says A Lot About Your Business

Hello and welcome back to SignNers blog! Here at SignNers we know our signs. We know our signs so well, that we are going to help you make your signs better! There is an old saying in the sign industry, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business!” Just like you, we want your business to be a success, and by keeping a few details in mind when designing your next sign you can help to ensure that you will convey the most effective message for your business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Colorful

It seems like most design companies these days are going for simplicity. Muted colors, delicate fonts, and a subdued style of advertising have taken the country by storm and is reflected by thousands of signs currently on display. While we aren’t saying to color your next sign like a clown on its way to a rave, having a little bit of color can help you sign to stand out. Reds, yellows, and oranges have been proven to capture humans attentions, and incorporating these colors into your sign can greatly impact the amount of people that take notice of it. The more people that notice your sign, the more likely you are to receive their business.

Size Matters….When It Comes To Signs

Have you ever been following behind a car and noticed a bumper sticker that you can’t quite read? Because the bumper sticker is unreadable at a safe driving distance, it has effectively failed at the one thing it was meant to do. This same concept can be applied to business signs. Most of the time, your sign is going to be seen from a vehicle as people are traveling past your business. If your sign isn’t large enough, or the font is too small, they will not be able to determine what your sign is trying to convey. Making sure your sign is easy to read, even from a distance, is one of the most important things to consider when designing.

Make Your Sign Memorable

The worst possible you can make when designing your next sign is to design something that is boring. People don’t remember boring things, and if they don’t find your sign at least a little bit interesting, they will forget it and your business. While we know that you want to get as much information about your business as possible on your sign, sometimes less is more. A well thought out slogan or picture can speak volumes to potential customers and can take the place of multiple lines of text. Additionally, having a funny sign, or a sign that has a tasteful play on words will cause people to remember it. Whatever you decide, just remember to make to make your business sign memorable.

Choose The Right Font Size and Style

When designing your next business sign, it is usually best to pick a font that is clean, crisp, and easy to read. Avoid fonts that cannot be easily read at a distance, and also avoid fonts that are too “over designed”. Also, avoid the fallacy that because capital letters are larger they are better to use on a sign. This is false because capital letters are harder for people to quickly read. The natural peaks and valleys of lowercase words are what people are used to reading, so using them on your next sign is best practice.

Consider What Your Sign Will Look Like At Night

When designing a business sign, people take a painstaking amount of time to ensure that it can be read during the day time. What many business owners fail to think about is what their sign will look like at night. Hopefully your sign will be lit by some sort of artificial light source, but you still want to make sure that you aren’t using colors or graphics that will suffer from less ambient light. This is very important to keep in mind when designing signs in the winter, because as we all know there is less daytime light in the winter months.

We hope that these few tips will help you when designing your next business sign. If you need some help making your sign come to life or have a need for any other business related graphics, contact us today at SignNers!