Help Your Business Stand Out This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and celebrating what is important to us. The holidays are also a time for businesses to make a ton of cash. As literally millions of people flood shopping centers and malls around the country, business owners need to exploit any advantage they can get over their competitors. Here at Signers in Davie, FL we want your business to be as successful as possible this holiday season. To help you in this endeavor, we thought we would share a few tips to get the most out of your holiday signage.

Now Is Not The Time For Subtle Signage

While subtle signs and graphics have their time and place, the holidays are neither. Your business will be competing with every other business around it to draw in customers, and like a moth to a flame, people respond to big, bold signs. Having a sale on a certain item? Put a giant sign in your window letting people know. Want people to focus on a specific section of your store because the items located there bring in the most profit? Put a giant red arrow over the area so people are drawn to it. The holidays are a time to implement the most basic of retail marketing strategies and nothing is more basic than a big sign with bold colors.

Promote Sales With Special Signs

As people trudge their way through holiday shopping, they are always looking for deals. According to a recent poll by the American Research Group, Inc., the average amount of money that people plan to spend on gifts this year is $929. This is the first time that planned gift spending has exceeded $900 since 2006, and as a business owner, you should be taking advantage of this. Offering sales on certain items is a great way to get people in your door. Once they are in your store they are more likely to look around at other items and hopefully purchase something. To promote sales items it is important to have dedicated signage. Deals are what get customers in the door, so be sure to advertise them as loudly as possible.

Get Festive and Manipulate Those Emotions

Remember rounding the corner on Christmas morning and seeing that Santa had indeed come in the night and delivered presents? So do the majority of other Americans. Play off of this nostalgia in your signage by using images and wording that evoke that yuletide cheer. A sign with a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree on it is much more likely to draw in  potential customers, because it will already put them in the mind frame that your store has presents that need to be under their tree. These festive images can be worked into custom signs and banners that promote your product while also promoting the all important holiday spirit.

With these simple guidelines in mind, contact us today at Signers for all of your holiday signage needs. We’ll print the signs, banners, and graphics you need to maximize your profits this holiday season. Don’t delay, the holiday season is upon us.