One basic element in architectural design says that you signal the entrance of your building. That is, when you want people to come in, you tell them where to enter. We’ve all been to buildings where we couldn’t find the door or were unsure of which entrance to use. There is a segment of the population that will just return to their cars, or will find the entrance but will leave with a negative impression of shopping there because of the difficulty in finding the entrance.

Don’t let this happen to your company. Even if you think your building’s entrance is clear, make it clearer with promotional banners. Use a promotional banner to signal the beginning of the walkway to the entrance and exactly where the entrance door is. For people already headed in, it will make it super clear where to go, and you might get a few people in the door just out of pure curiosity.

You can use promotional banners inside your store as well. A highly visible sign hung high for all to see can tell customers where to find the section of the store you want them in. A good example of this is holiday goods. If you know people are coming in to buy things associated with whatever holiday is upon us, let them know where it is. It is, of course, a great idea to put it in the back of the store so they have to walk past other desirables on the way.

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