SignNers are the sign experts! We make vinyl car decals, window signs and even floor signs. Floor signs you ask? Aren’t signs supposed to be on the wall? Or the window? Well, yes, most signs are vertical but sometimes thinking horizontally is the way to go! We’ll go over a few of the ways you can use floor graphics to your benefit and reasons why they work.

  • People have evolved to pay attention to the floor. You know you don’t want to trip so yes, you watch where you step. Now imagine an eye-catching graphic with your brand on it! Eyes will be caught! Make it clever and use the fact that it is on the floor and you may catch a regular customer.
  • Directional signage helps. If you have signage directing people to a particular part of the store, with a special deal for example. They’ll get there…especially if they see the message several times. Their curiosity will get the better of them and you will hopefully make a sale.
  • They are easy to install. You simply peel off the back liner and lay it as smoothly as possible on the floor.
  • Did you know that 75% of purchasing decisions are made in the store? Take advantage of this open window by slipping something under their feet to direct them to what you want them to buy!
  • Floor graphics are skid resistance and made for heavy traffic.

Get inventive and see where it take you and your customers! Order your floor graphic today!