WallWraps_InStoreMarketingIn our last blog, we began discussing the use of the powerful tool that is in-store marketing. When you have a brick and mortar store, you have a unique opportunity to reach people. You can reach them at a deeper level, reinforce your brand identity, and even get them to include you in their own life.   

Brand Identity

  • Having your brand logo on the door and on a wall wrap with a slogan that fits your goods or services is a great way to reinforce brand identity. If you can be clever about it, it might get shared on social media, creating free advertising.

Deeper Contact

  • One way to reach your customers at a deeper level is to encourage them to whip out their smart phones and connect with you. If it makes sense for your company, have an app. Design an app that customers can use to track sales, get alerts, or check stock on a certain items, so they know they are going to find what they are coming in for. A second way they can use their smart phones is by using QR codes. To learn more about QR codes, read this recent blog from us.

Follow them Home!

  • Everyone loves souvenirs, so get SignNers to print up decals for you that you can hand out for people to put on their cars, water bottles, and anywhere they feel is the right spot for your branded sticker. Make sure it matches your in-store wall wrap, so the brand identification follows them home and anywhere they go!

When you need indoor or outdoor signage for your brick and mortar store, turn to SignNers.