blogsideimgcolorchoiceSignNers is the clear choice in the Miami / Davie area for vinyl vehicle wraps. Our wraps can transform your delivery vans, long haul tractor trailers, or local service sedans into dynamic marketing vehicles. We can wrap your vehicle in a wrap printed with high-quality inks and laminated with 3M material that will protect it from cracking and fading from UV exposure.

When you are envisioning the design that will bring you more customers, there are some basics of design that you should keep in mind.

Be Bold But Clear

Bold colors and sharp images catch people’s eyes.  While this is true, it’s important to make sure that the viewer receives your message. Your message won’t get through if your audience has gotten caught up on a detail that doesn’t convey the message you want to send, or they miss the message completely because there are so many details.


Keep it Simple

There is a famous saying by Toni Morrison, “ All art is knowing when to stop.” Indeed, that can be the hardest part of a good design. Resist the temptation to add more to a simple design or to convey multiple messages. Pick one message. Pick the one that communicates your most important product or service –the one that embodies your brand.

When choosing the colors for your image, the most important factor is brand consistency. To learn more about brand consistency, click here. If you are in the beginning phases of the branding process, talk to your designer to come up with the best colors to use. The colors and images you should choose really depend on the product or service you offer. You wouldn’t want to advertise a dry cleaner with images of clothes that look like they’ve all be washed so that the colors are faded.  Instead, you’d want vibrant colors. If your product or service can be best communicated by a word, font, or a simple image, keep it simple and let those elements do the work.

For help or inspiration for the vinyl vehicle wraps that will change impressions into regular customers, call SignNers today.