Signners is southern Florida’s place to go for advertising decals, banners, and vinyl wraps for cars. We want to help you get your message to your audience and we want the message to stick, literally. We can take you design (or help you make a design) and make a die cut to fit your design. We can die cut for any shape. We can make them any size too, so whether you are making lapel stickers for a convention or brand stickers as part of your overall marketing campaign. We cover our stickers with laminate so they will last much longer than non-laminated stickers and the laminate makes the UV resistant. They will be scuff resistant with the laminate covering as well and this adds to their longevity.


Stickers and decals can help get your message places you could never imagine. Place them on water bottles, calendars, any product related item really, or simply hand them out and let your customers become part of your marketing team! Let your decal be part of your marketing. Take your logo and simplify it if need be. If you have to simplify it a lot it may mean you need to reassess your logo in general because simple images are very powerful. Think of some of the strongest performing products of the last thirty years and think of their logo’s..maybe imagine a particular athletic gear brand and their simple logo. Your logo should be nearly as simple. People like icons, an image that conveys a broader meaning.Order your stickers today!