Custom Vinyl Wraps Come in Many Different Forms


Welcome to part two of our short blog series on what makes a superior custom vehicle wrap. In our last post, we talked about how the materials, design, and production method affect the quality and look of vinyl wraps and in today’s post we are going to go over a few more factors that go into making the perfect mobile advertisement. At SignNers we want all of our Davie area customers to understand what goes into a high-quality vehicle wrap so that they can rest assured that they are receiving the best custom wrap when they choose us. Continue reading below to learn a little more.


A Quality Vehicle Wrap Has Certain Characteristics


Like most products, there are different quality levels when it comes to custom vehicle wraps. Some vinyl wraps will look good when they are first applied but will quickly deteriorate over time. This deterioration can include fading, ripping, and sagging and draws the attention of people in a negative way. Below we have listed a couple more factors to consider the will help ensure that your vehicle wrap is of the highest possible quality.



  • Vehicle Preparation: While this detail doesn’t have much to do with the vinyl wrap itself, it is one of the most important steps in the entire vehicle wrap process. For a wrap to properly adhere to a vehicle, the vehicle’s surface must be clean. When we see clean, we don’t mean running it through a carwash before you take it to shop where the wrap is applied. By clean, we mean it has to be spotless. To achieve, the shop applying the wrap must go over every inch of the vehicle to make sure that no dirt or wax is present on the vehicle’s surface. Even the smallest bit of dirt or wax can cause the vinyl wrap’s adhesive to fail which, after a while, will cause the wrap to lift from the surface.
  • Wrapping Facility: Where you choose to get your custom vinyl wrap applied is another factor that can make all the difference in terms of quality. First, you want to make sure that the shop applying the wrap is not doing so outside. Trying to apply a vinyl wrap outdoors is akin to trying to perform surgery on someone in a hospital waiting room; always choose an indoor facility. Second, you want to make sure that indoor facility has a functioning dust control system and is temperature controlled. Installing a vinyl wrap in a high-temperature environment will cause it to stretch over the long term and installing it in a low-temperature environment will cause the vinyl to shrink and eventually fail when it is exposed to high temperatures.

Join us again next time as we continue to go over the factors that affect the quality of vinyl vehicle wraps. If you’re in the market for a high-quality custom vehicle wrap, please contact us today at SignNers. Our wraps have been used as effective advertising in the Davie area for years and we are confident that once you experience our custom vehicle wraps you will be a repeat customer. Contact us today to learn more!