If you are looking to get the most bang for the buck in local marketing, you should be looking at vinyl vehicle wraps.  They are the opportunity lurking in the many challenges in local marketing.

Media Advertising

  • Radio and TV spots have their place, but they also target, and hopefully hit, a specific demographic group. If you advertise on a country station, you are only hitting a small portion of your total potential audience.
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps throw the net wide. Every set of eyes, regardless of musical taste, viewing habits, or language spoke will see your advertising.

Billboard Advertising

  • The average person glances at a billboard for just four seconds.
  • If you have a vinyl vehicle wrap on your car, cars around you will see it over and over, at every red light your driver is near them.
  • Billboards get vehicle traffic by them and more than 90% of American’s own cars.
  • Billboards are in one place and so they get repeat traffic. The same people pass by them, every day when commuting.
  • With vinyl vehicle wraps, vehicles are essentially moving billboards.
  • Trucks and vans with vinyl vehicle wraps sometimes take the same routs lending a routine to viewing for some people.
  • They also sometimes go new places exposing potential new customers to the message you have on your wrap.

If you are considering methods of local advertising, don’t forget vinyl vehicle wraps. They are long lasting mobile advertising. They go to where your customers are and there is no annual fee. Once you pay to have them on your trucks, they will stay there for years which gives the most bang for your buck!

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