SignNers knows signs. We are Davie FL authority on signs of all types. We are well known for our vinyl vehicle wraps for single cars as well as for entire fleets. Our vinyl promotional banners are used all over town to announce sales, openings, and by athletic and church groups. We also have years of experience making signs for the exterior and interior of stores.


Using signs inside as well as outside of your store for instance can help direct and inform customers. We’ll give some examples to give you some ideas to think about the next time you are walking around your store thinking of how you can best communicate your message to your customers.

Design basics

  • Limit the number of colors you use. A busy color scheme makes people turn away. Choose at least three main colors. Any further colors should be minimized.
  • use colors that complement each other. Avoid clashing colors.
  • SignNers has designers on staff to help you.
  • Emphasise the one thing you want people to take away, or in designer speak, make it pop.


  • Keep your message simple. Just  as with color, keep your words to a minimum.
  • Advertise things your customer wants, not necessarily what they need. They are coming in for what they need, so a sign’s job is to convey that they ‘need’ what they want.
  • Watch your font. Make sure your font is easy to read and that there is sufficient space between confusing letters.

Turn to SignNers for all your signage needs. Click here for some examples of our indoor retail signs.