Did you know that vinyl vehicle wraps give you a better return on investment than even radio or television? According to an article published in August 2015 in The Business Journal, vehicle “wraps are 15 times more efficient at boosting brand recognition than any other type of advertising.” A single vinyl vehicle wrap image can get ‘generate more than 2 million impressions in a single year. “ Another source says that a single vinyl image can be viewed between 30,000 to 70,000 times a day. A day. That’s a lot of impressions! Combine that with a great image that people remember, or even point out to their friends and colleagues, and you’ll get conversions. Compare the cost of a wrap to the cost of a radio or television spot and you’ll see that that your ROI can be the best investment of your advertising dollars. An average price per thousand impression of a wrap is just 4 cents. Compare this to a static outdoor sign which costs $3.56  or a newspaper advertisement that cost $19.70 for the same thousand impressions. Everyone know that the more impressions you make translates into more business.

Are you Ready?

Some businesses report an increase in business of over 100% so you need to be ready! Considering how little it costs to wrap a single vehicle, your investment can be recouped quickly and your company can thrive and grow. If you are interested in a highly effective advertising method that can grow your business, give SignNers a call and find out how our vinyl vehicle wraps can help your business.