Making a success of a small business is hard, and you need every edge you can get to succeed. Whether you are a handyman, a realtor, or a traveling party clown, you need to get your message to your potential customers and do so in a professional manner.  

Small businesses

  • Coming off as professional is hard when you are just starting out and driving your regular car and working out of your home.
  • A custom made decal can help!
  • We can help you design your decal if you need that service.


  • If your fleet is two cars or twenty, uniformity is the key to brand identity.
  • Brand identity is important to businesses, large and small.


There are several methods of advertising when it comes to using your fleet to advertise for you.  

Fleet Graphics

  • Advertising graphics cover the entire side of a vehicle and act as a moving billboard for your company.
  • Vinyl graphics are small scale brand identity graphics. Perfect for doors and smaller vehicles.
  • Magnetic signs make a great beginner marketing packet for when you are just starting out or not set on one brand identity. They are easy to apply and are UV resistant.

Custom Decals

  • Stickers or decals are a great way to get your name and brand identity out there.
  • Give them away with every purchase or in your brick and mortar stores.
  • Make sure they match all your other branded items.

Whichever way you go for using your vehicle as a method of advertising, come to SignNers for design help (if you need it) and for implementation of your marketing plan. We are here to help! Call 954.306.9685