Reach More Customers With Custom Banners

Welcome back to the SignNers blog! In our last post we covered some of the benefits of having a custom banner made for your business can have: in today’s post we are going to continue in this vein. Here at SignNers in Davie, Florida, we want all businesses to be able to take advantage of the benefits that custom signage can provide. Whether you are promoting an event, promoting a special, or promoting your business in general, custom banners are an efficient and cost-effective way to capture people’s attention. Continue reading below to learn some of the advantages that custom signs can have for your business.


Custom Banners Let You Capture a Wider Audience

While having a stationary sign for your business is highly advisable from an advertising standpoint, sometimes these signs are not as effective as they could be. Consider the following: You’re a business owner that has just installed a sign for your business on a busy four-lane highway. For the traffic traveling west, your sign is easily visible and serves as an effective tool to bring in business and showcase your location. However, traffic traveling east hardly ever sees your sign because of a large tree that blocks their view. At any point during the day, your business’ sign is only advertising to half of the potential customers. A custom banner can fix this issue. While building another sign that is easier to see for both directions of traffic is not cost effective, a custom banner is a quick, easy, and a functional way to showcase your business to those cars traveling east. By simply placing a custom banner in an area that is visible you are effectively doubling your signage and potentially capturing the attention of a larger audience.


Custom Banners are Excellent for Promotional Events

When running a promotion or special for your business, it is important that people know what is being offered. Running an amazing deal on a product or service does your business no good if nobody knows about it. While window decorations, local advertisements, and mailing lists are all effective ways to promote your business’ special deals, a custom banner can be just as effective. Having a custom banner designed for your business’ next promotion is a cost-effective way to draw people’s attention to your store. A banner suddenly appearing in an area where there wasn’t a banner is sure to draw people’s attention. Couple natural curiosity with the effects of bold colors, an interesting design, and a simple summary of what is being promoted and you have an advertising tool that is effectively driving business to your store.


Other Uses for Custom Banners

While it would take a much longer blog post than this to list all of the uses that custom banners offer, below we have listed a few more uses for this powerful signage tool.

  1. Custom banners are great for businesses in a temporary lease situation. Simply print up a banner with your business name, use it for a short time period, and then take it with you when you move to a permanent location.
  2. For many seasonal stores (Christmas shops, Halloween costume stores) purchasing a traditional sign is not cost effective or an effective use of the store’s money. Printing up a custom banner is a great way to advertise the store without breaking the bank.
  3. Construction or remodeling can be a hard time for a business, because customers may not know whether the business is open or not by just by looking at it the business itself. A custom banner is a great way to tell customers that you are still open for business during construction.
  4. Custom banners are also a great way to make broad announcements to your customers. Been in business for twenty years? Opening a new location? Offering a new or improved service? Let your customers know with a custom banner. Mass communication can be highly beneficial for your public image.

The next time you need a custom banner, sign, or vehicle wrap for your business, contact the signage professionals at SignNers in Davie. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you make the most effective custom signage for your particular needs. Don’t let potential customers pass you by, contact us today and let our business help your business.