SignNers is South Florida’s source for all your signage needs. Signs can be used to advertise daily specials to rebranding old, well-known products. SignNers also does canvass printing. These giclée prints have a special quality that has to be seen to be appreciated. Because they are on canvas, the images have a subtle 3-D effect that adds depth to any image.


For Advertising

  • Presenting your logo as art can be a smart, sophisticated move.
  • Printing images of your products or services as art is good advertising.
  • Giving small format canvas prints to clients and suppliers as gifts that represent your brand.


For Gifts

  • Ideas for gifts on canvas are as numerous as photos you can take!
  • Give a canvas printing of a custom image to your clients as a thank you for their business.
  • Give relatives canvas prints of the grandkids or favorite, beloved pet for the holidays.
  • When a friend lets you stay at their house in the keys, get a photo of the house reproduced on canvas as a thank you gift.


For Art Exhibits

  • For photographers, canvas prints can be a money saving way of exhibiting your art.
  • The 3-D effect of the canvas printing can really add a great dimension to your art.
  • This is an affordable way of presenting your art since frames are not necessary.
  • For digital artists, this is a fantastic way of presenting you art in a large format.
  • Student exhibits are made easy with canvas prints.