SignNers is Davie’s trusted source for signs, banners, and vinyl vehicle wraps. Having vinyl wraps on your fleet vehicles is a smart business move. Vehicle wraps take your message to the streets, tapping into new customer bases and revenue streams that will keep your business thriving. Whether your fleet is one work truck or 50 vehicles strong, your presence on the streets of the city is your chance to advertise. Branding is at the heart of marketing and vinyl vehicle wraps are a smart marketing investment.


Branding Your Company

  • When you are looking to invest in marketing, your first step should be to make sure you have a brand worth advertising.
  • The process of branding, or rebranding, your company can be a time of creativity in a company.
  • The branding process is a time to think about your mission statement, to examine the reasons you are in the business you are in. What is your motivation?
  • The next step is to hire an expert, a graphic designer, who will put that concept into graphic form.
  • SignNers can partner with you to design your brand.


Why Invest in Branding

  • Investing in your branding, through signs and vehicle wraps, shows your prospective customers that you mean business. It shows that you are no fly-by-night outfit that won’t be around to deliver the goods, or finish the project.
  • Whether you are a politician or a plumber, name recognition is important. Branding gives you name recognition.
  • If people know your name and your brand, they are more likely to recall it, and call you for business.


This is your chance to get your brand in front of potential customers. Every time you go out on a call without a vinyl wrap or, at the very least, a magnetic sign on your vehicle, you are potentially missing new connections, new customers and new revenue streams.

Call SignNers and get the branding process started!