Add amps to your ads

Amp up your advertising with backlit graphics. We love signs! We are known for our full vehicle vinyl wraps which act as highly effective advertising and our single panel logo graphics and banners too. But we do so much more! One of the reasons we love our business is the endless variety of ways to use and effect signage.

  • One of our favorites is the backlit poster sign. It makes us nostalgic for being kids and going to the movies. Who hasn’t strolled along a movie theater with a friend discussing the movies and life.
  • We think backlit signs are cozy yet combined with modern graphics, can be very cutting edge. A warm glow in a frame makes for a work of art if done well-  as we always do.
  • The backlit post poster can take advantage of the light to bring out the vibrant colors of a poster. As a result, the image is sharp and has extra clarity, especially in an otherwise dimly lit setting.
  • They are versatile. You can use them on the exterior of your store as advertising signage or on the inside of the store to highlight sales or as pure decoration. match with your theme and you are sure to have a winning combination.
  • Use LED light bulbs in your sign and you’ll have a bright, but inexpensive way of lighting up your signage.
  • You can change your sign or even your whole look with easy. Simply open up the case and replace the poster and presto! You’ll have new signage at the fraction of the cost of a whole new sign.